Work Hard/Play Hard

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In the last week, I have found a wedding dress, signed a wedding photographer, packed, moved, unpacked, carried every piece of the new porch furniture individually up 3 flights of stairs because the delivery guys refused, Ryan got staffed on a project that requires late nights and early mornings (aka he’s only been home to sleep) and I got a promotion at work.


All of this means that 5pm on Friday did not signal the end of work and beginning of my week vacation. But to be honest, I have never been happier to crack open my laptop on a Saturday morning to crank through some necessary business. There’s a lot to be said about work hard/play hard and I find that the harder I work, the deeper my sleep, the more present I am at home, the less I worry and the more I enjoy pretty much everything. So, this morning, it’s a copious amount of coffee at my new local Starbucks but tonight, it’s most certainly going to be all of the wine, camped out on my back porch with my man.

Happy Weekend, friends!

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