Women Who Matter

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My Mom raised me on a steady diet of Broadway show tunes, extreme, epic thoughtfulness and the golden rule.

My Step-Mom imparted her uncanny ability to score stellar shopping deals and the necessity of communicating even when it’s hard.

My Grandmother showed that generosity of spirit is always the best policy and following your heart is, without fail, always the right decision.

My friend Kate loves the people in her life fiercely and loyally and extending this to her son is one of the most beautiful things I have seen.

I wasn’t able to be with these moms in my life who have mothered and graciously impacted me in many, many ways today but while grabbing food for dinner, they were so on my heart. So I grabbed a seat at the wine bar and thought of each of them while sipping my wine in the middle of a busy Whole Foods. While it’s Mother’s Day today, I hope that the women who matter in all of our lives feel celebrated every day.


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