What I Have Been Doing Instead of Blogging

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Yesterday, I came clean about the lameness surrounding my lack of blogging. Today, I realized that since I haven’t been blogging, I had to have been doing something else. And here is what I came up with- a few little things I have been loving on in the last month or so.


1. Washing my face. First, it was a lingering appointment for a facial to try to get dead skin off my face and more moisture in. Then it was a rave review from the Hollywood Housewife and text confirmation from my friend Laura, (my resident beauty/fashion go-to) that this thing is the bees knees. So, I bit the bullet and bought the Clarisonic Mia 2 and holy balls, you guys- I hate this word but it’s been a game changer. The texture of my skin has literally changed, exfoliation and deep cleaning doesn’t begin to speak to what it’s done. My Moisturizer absorbs now, makeup lays so much smoother, blackheads are a thing if the past and I don’t think I will ever need a facial again. I seriously want to wash my face all the time and I swear, I have seen Ryan eyeing my Mia 2 up. Homeboy wants some fancy skin too, I get it.


2. Going to concerts I love music but typically, my view on concerts is that I can listen to a live concert via iTunes in the comfort (and cleanliness) of my own home with a cocktail. But as of late, Ryan and I have all of a sudden become concert people. Random, Tuesday night, bands we know only one song of concert people. Yes, Gotye, I am talkin ’bout you.


3. Researching/Planning/Dreaming about our Spain trip We just booked flights from Barcelona to IBIZA! Sick beaches, sangria, glow sticks. June, get here immediately.


4. Giving Luna Bell baths. Call it a family activity. We have doused LB with her kitty Paul Mitchell shampoo twice now and home girl cat seriously digs the water, doting attention and subsequent shiny coat. And we couldn’t very well dry her with my hair drier, puhlease…

So now that I have come to terms with what I’ve been up to, let’s return to the regularly scheduled programming…

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