We’re All Experts

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It’s remarkable, really. In the last 24 hours, we have all become constitutional scholars and former pro-gymnasts/swimmers/runners/fill-in-the-blank.

Within seconds of the Supreme Court announcing its opinion on Obamacare, I learned that basically everyone I am friends with on Facebook as well as everyone on the world wide web is a freaking expert on the Constitution! Ryan and I too- we were sure that our highly sophisticated legal savvy shouted at the tv would be heard by the Supreme Court justices. I mean, honestly- my Facebook friends usually occupy their days posting ultrasounds and Ry and I can barely remember our grocery list but damn- give us all a 250 page verdict and we’re in the game!

And now the Olympics trials are on tv! My gymnastics expertise ended when I realized that I hated putting chalk on my hands (it felt dirty) but boy, I can definitely say that the girl in the pink leotard killed that loser in the red one. And Michael Phelps? He totally missed a breath on that turn. Amateur.

(As I am typing, Ryan yells “She nailed it! Cancel the Olympics, give her the medal right now!” He has no idea what she nailed but man- she’s a winner!)

What can I say? We’re all experts.

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