Wedding Week

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An “enjoy your wedding week” bouquet from A New Leaf c/o my boss was the loveliest surprise to come home to yesterday. I am pretty sure they are the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen. Hydrangeas and peonies and roses and calla lilies, oh my!

I have been overwhelmed this week by the kindness of others. Every card and call and text…it’s kept me so grounded in what this week is and it’s not to-do lists. It’s celebration and people and love.

And now, flowers.

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  1. Sue Woodruff

    Best wishes to you, Nina, and your fiancee, Ryan. I’ve known your mom for 25 years, but don’t see her that often any more. I remember you as a little girl, and I just wanted to check in and wish you well. You are a beautiful young lady, and I admired you even more after reading some entries on your blog. I love your writing…it is so real and so fresh. I can relate to it, and your voice is clear in what you write. Have a beautiful day, and give your mama a kiss and hug for me. I know she will feel 100 different emotions today … on your special day.

    Sue Woodruff

    1. JustaChiTownGirl

      Sue, thank you so much for your sweet note. It meant so much to both my mom and I. Your kind words are so appreciated and thank you for reading my little blog! All the best to you!

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