Wedding Update- Working with People You Love

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I have to be honest- the idea of wedding planning was really hard for me at the beginning because a lot of it feels really….contrived. You have to do this, you have to do that, hire this random person, go with this photographer who has you take a “personality profile” (seriously)…. I had someone ask me who was “branding” our wedding, who was doing my “paper” and when I said I was probably going to order invitations from a website, she looked like I had just told her I killed a unicorn.

I ordered my invitations from there anyways. They’re lovely and totally sufficient as a tool to let people know where to be and when. The further I get along in this process, I see there are not nearly as many rules as people want you to think. We are basically doing what we want and making decisions that feel good.

As the wedding gets closer and we are making decisions about vendors, what is working for us is going with people we know and have relationships with or who friends of ours know and love. Our DJ is someone I have worked with for events for my job, my hair stylist has done my hair for years, the jazz trio are guys from one of our favorite places to grab cocktails. My makeup artist and photographer are friends with dear friends of mine. Sure, we have done our research on who the best of the best in wedding is in Chicago and have found that someone always knows someone who is amazing at their craft to work with. It makes me so much more comfortable knowing the people we are going to be spending portions of our wedding day with. And it makes me excited- these people are amazing, professionals in their field and genuinely people I want to be around.

Back to wedding invitations- I admit that ordering them wasn’t high on my “ohemgee these have to be perfection” list (that is reserved for shoe related purchases) but I am excited to share the details of our wedding weekend with our loved ones. When I saw the lettering on my friend Renee’s save-the-dates, I knew I wanted whoever was responsible for that gorgeous hello to take the reigns on addressing our invites. The girl with the golden touch is Liz Gaines, out of Nashville and I am so excited for her lettering to be the first thing our guests see when receiving our invitations. Not only is Liz super talented but she’s also absolutely lovely and I am thrilled the law-of-attraction that is Renee brought her into our wedding fold. Email me if you want her contact info- she should probably do some lettering for you too.

Moral of the story: do what makes you feel comfortable when planning your wedding and when making decisions, make one that is going to bring the most fun to the day.

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