Wedding Musings

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I am getting married in almost a week. Some thoughts:

-Ryan has taken to calling it “wife’ing me up.” The chances of that phrase being worked into his vows are high.
-This time leading up to the wedding is sort of like running a marathon; your training is over, the day just needs to get here without you breaking your ankle.
-That said, while I am excited about next weekend, this time leading up to it is awesome. I am hyper-aware of how special and fun it is.
-Speaking of my marathon analogy, people keep saying to me “Omg, are things so crazy, are you so busy?!?”. No? Everything is planned, vendors are going to do their thing…am I missing something? What should I be doing?
-To have an answer to the aforementioned question, I got a massage. And I might just do it again next week.
-The 10 day forecast is literally changing in 10 degree increments every day.
-Luna Bell is ruining my seating chart attempts.

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