Wedding Dream

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I had a wedding nightmare last night.

I dreamt that I was 3 hours from Chicago on the morning of my wedding, missed my hair appointment, the lady who did it gave me an updo, I was late to the ceremony, no one was there when I got there, there were no flowers and I didn’t get married. Totally sucked.

The truth is, the only problem in that dream is the no ceremony part- all I care about is actually getting married on my wedding day. Lord knows I have done important things with my hair busted before and I happen to love the flowers from Trader Joe’s. This whole engagement thing has been a blast and wedding planning has been chill and from what I can tell, there’s nothing to “do” for a few months. But this dream weirded me out and makes me think this chillness is out of character for me (which it is) and I should go micro-manage something.

Save the dates went out, so that’s something. I love paper goods.

Maybe I’ll go be annoying about flowers. Keep you posted.

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