Up and Away

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It’s a good thing I like planes and love hotel rooms because new job has me 4 for 4 right now- 4 planes, 4 hotels rooms, in the last 4 weeks. It won’t always be like this but in the meantime, I am having a blast exploring new cities and taking care of business.

There is also something to be said for focus when you’re outside of your usual environment. When I am on the road for work, I am in the zone. No distractions, I can be 100% invested in the task at hand…and because my eye is on the prize, I arrive at my weekends ready to be 100% invested in those as well. I must say, this new schedule is allowing me to be more present in both my personal and professional life. And I like it.

Now, if I could only implement a no technology day at our house…a no technology 5 hours, maybe? That would really take being present up a notch.

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