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I am in Columbus, Ohio. This is notable because:

1) this lunch just happened. Northstar was everything Columbusers (Columbusonians?) claimed it was and more. The Buddha Bowl was glorious.

2) “The Great Gold Shoe Hunt of 2012” is over. I have to wear gold heels for a wedding I am in and have spent the better part of a month scouring stores and online for something that isn’t covered in glitter or fugly in general. I was ready to go home and buy the very expensive pair I do not need when the Columbus shoes gods shined on me and delivered the perfect satin pair insanely on sale. I won’t get specific but let’s just say they were over $19 and under $21. Practically highway robbery, those shoes.

3) In exactly one week, I get to see one of my favorite people on the planet who will be in Chicago for the aforementioned wedding. I adore him and it’s been too long- he is living a life he loves in San Fran but super selfish me really wishes I could see him more…in Chicago.

So, yeah, Columbus…redefining Ohio for me today.

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