Throwback Thursday: Teddy Ruxpin

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In the 80s, there were stuffed animals and then there was Teddy Ruxpin. When all you wanted was for your toys to talk back to you, he asked if you wanted to be his friend, read you endless bedtime stories, and instead of just staring at your toys, Teddy allowed you to interact.

I loved Teddy Ruxpin.

My parents tell me they would walk by my room as a toddler to find me sitting in bed staring at Teddy Ruxpin, bobbing my head, talking along with his stories. He was my favorite.

The creator of Teddy Ruxpin died yesterday and reminded me of those childhood staple of the 80s. I should probably track this down before I have a child- Teddy Ruxpin over an iPad all day.

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