Things I Don’t Get

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Flamingos. At the Lincoln Park Zoo. In February. For birds that are supposed to be at home in some grandma’s front yard in Florida, their presence in the Windy City in the middle of winter surprised me.

Paczkis. People know they’re just jelly donuts with a gazillion calories, right?

Julie from “Friday Night Lights”. No one likes her, Coach and Tami Taylor even seem to be annoyed with her whiny face, and yet even with the story line taking her to college, she still annoys me Netflix’ed episode after Netflix’ed episode.

How to dress appropriately for the weather. In my head, I understand that we have a solid 3 months of winter left. But every time I see some sunshine, I fall under the assumption that we’re flirting with Spring and decide it’s light jacket time or, better yet, zip-up sweatshirt time. So, so not true.

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