The Christmukkah Spirit

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Last week was a rough one, to be perfectly honest. Minor and major issues alike seemed to come to a head at once and by the time Friday rolled around, I was pretty emotionally and physically spent. The holiday lover in me was like “It’s Christmas! Nothing can be wrong at Christmas!” but life, you know? It happens regardless of if you would rather be watching The Santa Clause (which I would. All of the time.).

But on Saturday, we had a Christmukkah party to attend. In it’s 10th year, we were Christmukkah rookies and the event was everything I heard it would be and more. Great views of the skyline, really nice and interesting people, fantastic champagne punch…

and a box of White Castle burgers.

I grew up eating White Castle as very special treats at home when my Dad would buy them from the grocery store. He would tell me about how when he was a boy, his Dad would take him to White Castle when they would visit family in Chicago. To have an entire box of them at my fingertips at Christmukkah, well, it might as well have been a tray of caviar and gold plated lobster. “Ryan,” I whispered, “It’s White Castle” as we inched near the glorious table they were perched on. While hovering over the teeny paper thin burgers, we met a woman named Nicki who shared our incredulity. She is this wildly talented playwright, actress, dancer, musical theater goddess and was truly lovely but I will always know her as the sweet lady who ate White Castle burgers with us and shared her own White Castle burger stories.

After a few glasses of champagne punch and 2 little White Castles, the Christmukkah spirit was upon us and every gross thing that happened in the previous week was shaken off. A quick cab ride and some shopping later, I cemented my festive mood with eggnog at Nico Osteria.


Because that is what is good about Christmukkah and Chicago- you’re only a quick attitude change away from White Castle and a holiday cocktail.

Let’s be merry this week, shall we?

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