Super Long Post About Happiness and Sunshine

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This was one of those weekends.

The kind that you arrive at the end of and think, “I am happier and luckier than one person deserves.”

I think happiness is relative and not always matter of “deserving” but man-oh-man…this was one weekend I couldn’t get enough of and I felt so happy at its close.


Irish Bagpipers and an impromptu Irish jig by my friend Molly (who can apparently do that- well!) at Stanley’s was the perfect end to a perfect St. Patrick’s Day. Ryan and I started the day with drinks and pastries on our porch, sunning ourselves in the 80 degree weather. Being able to be in the middle of the action but in the comfort of your own home, sans crazy crowds/people made it hard to leave but I am glad we did- our little bf/gf bar crawl north had us dropping in on friends all over town and it was so, so great seeing so many people I really love.


Being a bridesmaid means you get the invite to bridal-y things at The Trump. I am still not sure what the point to those shenanigans are (way too many over-zealous women for me) but I got to have drinks and macarons with my lovely bride-to-be chum while looking at this view. Pretty gorgeous, hmm?


We have owned a grill for 24 hours and have cooked 3 meals on it. I think it’s time to buy one of those “How To Grill Everything and Cereal” books.

The thing is, I am so grateful for this season I am in and it goes far beyond this weekend. I very much recall seasons that were bone-grueling hard, not so long ago, and I know those will come again. But for it to be March and 80 degrees and flipping veggies on the grill in the Chicago sunshine…well, my little heart just might burst.

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