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Today is the 1st birthday of my friend Jackson.

In the last year, I’ve seen this little human get bigger. Bigger in size, bigger in personality, bigger smiles, bigger hugs, bigger laughs. My friendship with his mom, the reason I even know Jack, has gotten bigger too. The last year has meant milestones for Jack but for Kate and my friendship, it’s meant becoming engrained in the every day parts of life- countless coffees, trips to the Green City Market, dinner parties, cookouts, pool days, phone calls for everything under the sun. The very best parts of life, the kind that are real, no muss, no fuss…and feel a whole lot like family.

Yesterday, was a milestone however and a big celebration. Surrounded by their family and friends, many of whom Ryan and I have met, we celebrated Jackson’s 1st year. Cake, cookies, wine and a whole bunch of people bonded over their love of a 1 year old. It was so genuine and warm, something I must have needed to feel on is particular Sunday because it meant so much to me. Genuine and warm, real and feels like family…that’s really all you can ask for from friendships, huh?

I texted my Dad to tell him what a great time we had and how grateful I am to have Kate, her husband and Jack as friends…that it felt like a really special day to be a part of. His response summed it all up.

“Special people have special families and special friends. Isn’t life good and God great?”

Yep, Dad…it really is.

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