So Much Beauty

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Yesterday afternoon, Ryan and I were anticipating a good great news phone call. After talking about it for the millionth time, we decided to order deep dish and open a bottle of wine to kick off the across-the-miles celebration. I uncorked the bottle and went to ask Ryan what glasses he wanted me to use (like he seriously cared) when I saw my phone lit up with a missed call. I had that thing practically strapped to my body all day and the second I leave my post for a little wine…jeez.

It was the call we had been waiting for, sharing the news that my best friend is engaged to be married to the most wonderful man. There was crying and laughing, texted pictures of excited faces and a stunning piece of jewelry. More than that though was the exclamation that “I get to marry my person!”. All I have ever wanted is for my dear friend to find her person, someone to be in partnership and love with, a co-pilot of adventures and now that she has…well, that’s just really what it’s all about, right? Toasts and high-fives all around!

Meanwhile, this was happening outside. Worth pausing for, Ryan and I went out on the porch to snap this photo and just take in all of the beauty, the beauty happening outside our window and in our lives. This season is really what we’ve been waiting for; no, working for. And this amazing news from my amazing friend is just confirmation and makes me so excited for all that is ahead, for all of us. It’s a good season.

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