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I have been sitting on the porch for 2 hours.

I have been trying to write, find inspiration for some big questions I have about my life, calm the worries I have about the coming weeks. None of the thoughts positive, all of them fear based.

After deciding it was time to head in for the night and stop trying to “figure it all out”, I turned around for one more glance at what had been in front of me for these 2 hours. I was taken with how the light shifted and I hadn’t even noticed. Time passed, no one did anything to make it happen but the light shifted. It’s continuing now even and soon, it will be as dark as a city night can get. I suppose the change was simply because that’s the nature of things- nothing stays the same, the light is always going to shift because that’s what the passing of a day, of time does.

Suddenly, I feel a little better about August and the inevitable shifting that has got to be coming up.

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