(Shakes Head In Disbelief)

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I don’t typically use this space for my opinions on politics, world news, or the like.

This is a place for things I like, places I love, happenings that make me happy.

But for the last week, every time I turn on the news, check Twitter, etc., I am met with information that I literally cannot process.

Christmas tree taxes, 72 day marriages, 5 hour jail stays, pop star murderer convictions, college football child rape charges, subsequent protesting of the removal of a coach…

What is wrong with people?  Seriously- WHAT is wrong with people?

I cannot believe that a marriage entered into during the taping of a reality tv show, followed by the taping of an extravagant wedding has the makings of a golden anniversary.  I cannot feel sympathy for someone, murdered or not, who most likely molested small children. I cannot think that serving 5 hours of a 30 day sentence is going to do anything to teach an entitled actress any lessons about the consequences of her drug-laden actions.  And I absolutely cannot understand that anyone finds it acceptable that when given the opportunity to stop the actions of a child rapist that they would not move mountains to do so.

A Christmas tree tax to fund the marketing of Christmas trees?  I thought Christmas marketed Christmas trees.

We have an obligation here, people- to not be idiots.

So maybe it’s time to “occupy” something other than Wall Street.  Let’s occupy productivity.  Creativity.  Let’s occupy family and togetherness and love.  Isn’t that worth more of our time?

It’s time to pull it together.

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