See Ya Next Season…

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Well, that was all sorts of awful.

In college, we all would have drown our anger/sorrows with LouHa’s $3 Thursday margs…you know, with the tequila that kinda tasted like formaldehyde.

In the adult world, where I have to work tomorrow? Sure, I went on a bender…a Facebook unfriending bender. If you had something I didn’t like for dinner, posted something about your child’s bodily fluids, if I couldn’t remember how I knew you, or if your profile pic gave me the stink eye, chances are you got the heave-ho.

Neither boozing or unfriending will make the Spartans losing in the Sweet Sixteen go away but at least there’s no hangover involved in the latter.

Good season, Michigan State. Going from unranked to a number 1 seed ain’t too shabby.

But you totally busted my bracket.

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