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I sent Ryan a link to this article last week about small adjustments you can make to your day to optimize your happiness/success. One of those things is hitting your internal reset button- just because your day started out bad doesn’t mean the entire day is shot. I thought “Man, Ryan will really like this, what great suggestions for him.”

You know how the advice you give other people is 9 times out of 10 what you need to tell yourself? Yeah. That.

When going downstairs to sign for a FedEx package, I locked myself out of the condo. It’s been an accident waiting to happen and, thank God, it happened today while I was wearing slippers and had my phone in my hand. With no money, I relied on Uber (again, thank goodness) to get me a cab to bring me to Ryan’s office to get his keys to bring me back home. In my slippers. One round trip later and I am home in time for a work call…and promptly began throwing up for the next 30 minutes because apparently my motion sickness problem isn’t just at night and isn’t just on trains and planes…I also get car sick in the middle of the day. After having been in a cab IN MY SLIPPERS. How I feel about my inner germaphobe is a post for a different day but let’s just say I was less than thrilled to take my house-only slippers in a cab and not have time to wash my hands after exiting the cab before I starting getting sick. Gross.

I was ready to throw in the towel and call the whole day bad when I remembered that article I send Ryan and thought about that reset button. It was only 4pm and my to-do list wasn’t any shorter. I could let a lockout and motion sickness hell keep me from feeling good about the rest of my day or I could hit reset and get some shit done. Hit reset and get over it.

So I did.

And you know, it was much better than the alternative. Reset button, indeed.

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