Recipe: Mango Salsa

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When I think of the best meals I’ve ever had, they’ve been meals where you can list the ingredients on one hand.  After catching part of “Julie and Julia” on tv today and working myself into a tizzy about not evening owning “Mastering the Art of French Cooking“, I calmed the crazy down and set to making a simple Sunday meal.

Shrimp tacos with black beans, grilled peppers, onions and black beans.  The best part was the mango salsa- I love the pairing of fruit and seafood, such a fresh and summer-y combo.  And with the mango salsa having 4 ingredients in it, simple is practically its middle name.

Mango Salsa



Sweet Onion

1/2 lime

Chop ingredients, place in bowl, squeeze the lime over the contents and stir.

Simplicity, in life AND cooking…what a concept.

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