Proposal Magnet

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I have, approximately, seen a million couples get engaged.

Okay, that number may be a little exaggerated but it’s a rare month that goes by where a guy doesn’t drop to his knee somewhere in my general vicinity.

I have seen proposals on the lake front running path, random street corners on Michigan Avenue, on the river. The nature observatory in Lincoln Park, well, that’s just shooting fish in a barrel. 2 weeks ago, I saw someone propose at a coffee shop in my neighborhood. Before we were engaged, my fiancĂ© thought I was making this up to get him to propose but now that he has been around for a few drive-by proposals, it’s clear that I have seen an abnormal amount.

We were in Washington DC this weekend and found the cutest, quaint bar in Georgetown to grab a nightcap. In our booth, there was a newspaper clipping that informed us that Martin’s Tavern is the oldest bar in DC and that JFK allegedly proposed to Jackie in Booth 3. Immediately, I tried figuring out which booth was #3 because I LOVE the Kennedy’s and omg if we were in that booth, I would die. I was ordering another drink (champagne, obviously- we were in the bar Jackie O got engaged in!) when we hear a burst of applause and see flash bulbs going off in the booth behind us.

Guy on his knee. Big sparkler. The yelling of “yes!”. Family and friends running out from corners of the bar.

Proposal number million and two. Huzzah for love!

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