One Month

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It’s been a month since Ryan and I got married and said our sacred vows in front of the housekeeper.


Our ceremony was beautiful and in this beautiful chapel downtown that just takes my breath away. Our officiant was a lovely woman who tended to forget things. Like our marriage certificate. And having us say the vows we wrote.

The morning of our wedding, we went for a swim and to the spa at The Langham for a little down time. I can’t say enough how important this was- we started the day calm, relaxed, and together. I sat in a heated chair reading Vanity Fair for 30 minutes. Amazing. So when the things that inevitably come up, came up (late flowers, hair taking longer than planned), there was no stress or drama around my reaction- it was what it was and would be fine. Which it will be. Always.

We were in our suite preparing to go our separate ways when Ryan got nervous about the vows and requested we go over them. So we recited our vows to each other while wearing hotel robes, barefoot, and while the super sweet housekeeper was straightening up the room for the day. She came out from the bedroom to this scene, the only time I cried all day, and exclaimed “you two are so cute!”. An unexpected moment but one I will remember for all of my days.

So those were our self-written wedding vows. To have and to hold and to support golf hobbies and green juice and morning walks and never forgetting that loving each other is the very best thing we do. They never saw the inside of that chapel and a month later, I still wouldn’t have it any other way. We’ve never done perfection well but love…we’ve got that one down.

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