On Math & Happiness

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I’m no mathematician but I will go on the record as saying that happiness multiplies when met with other happiness. Case in point(s):

My best friend had the official “you’re having a baby and it has feet!” sonogram and started announcing her pregnancy yesterday.

A friend got a epically huge YES from a national brand regarding a collaboration (you are never going to hear the end of this, I am dying to shout it from the rooftops, it’s so freaking cool).

Another friend is fulfilling a lifelong goal and starting a business.

Another has endured a divorce in recent years has met their great love and is starting a life with them in an amazing new city.

An immediate family member is crushing goals not in their name but in the name of serving what they know God put them on the planet to do.

And me? Well, I spent the evening on a long walk with my husband reveling in this joy from people we love somuchand turning this inspiration into goals and plans and choices for us. Individually, together, fulfillment is a priority. And happening.

Here’s the deal: only have people in your life that you are absolutely crazy about. People you cheer on at every turn, the ones you pick up when they crumble, rally around and toast when they have a big win and do the same for you. It’s not that life is too short for the alternative (although it is) but life is just so much better with people you love with all your might. When you leave from interactions with these heartbeats feeling full to the brim. It matters and it’s worth it. Loving fully and loving well is always worth it.

And the golden state in the pic above? I am heading to Houston to love on some friends later this week and I can’t wait to be with these girls in a state I seriously love. Texas (and friends and queso and belly laughs) forever.

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