On Highs and Lows and a Life with Love

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The last 4 days have gone something like this: hike a mountain, fly for 4 hours sitting directly next to the (highly trafficked) bathroom, pedicure, the most violent 12 hours stomach flu of my life, wedding dress fitting, a very emotional conference call to discuss showing love to a friend/co-worker facing a difficult season, Balena with my mom, drive to MI to give my slowly tiring out grandma a possible last hug, hop another plane, work trip, yoga.

Highs and lows. Up and down, quite very literally.

So much emotionality happening, no doubt, but once I remembered where I was when I woke up this morning, I thought how damn lucky I am to have people in my life I love so much. Because if I didn’t care about anyone or anything, there would be nothing attached to any high or low. It would just be.

So…highs and lows. Yes. Happening and necessary and a part of the deal in a life where there’s love. Fine by me.

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