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new job

New job also means a new commute. I worked from home when I wasn’t travelling so my commute for the last few years has either been to the airport or…to my kitchen. In stretch pants. All day. Those days are over and between really liking the work I am doing, enjoying being in the space our office is in and the people being even better, I even like my commute.

Some observations from my first 2 weeks:

  • The el in the morning smells like showers. The el in the evening smells like germs and robbery.
  • The text messages I received in mass the first few days inquiring what I was wearing have subsided; I don’t think it was as much genuine interest in my fashion choices and more “does she own pants that zip and how will she handle makeup every day”. Show’s over folks, nothing to see here- I got this.
  • I made eye contact with a fellow el rider the other day and almost got beat up. Not really but I think there’s a rule: eyes down on your phone, keep to yourself before 9am.
  • I am the only person in my office that came to the first day with desk accessories. Where are they going to put their pens? What inspirational notepad or decorative recyclable water bottle is going to give them joy during the day?
  • God bless women who commute in heels. I am not up for that yet. Swapping out my TOMS around the corner from the office is my jam.
  • Working with really smart, really generous people will teach you a lot. I am so grateful to be learning so much.

On deck for next week: learning how to arrive at work looking like I didn’t just come from a wind tunnel and procuring comfortable shoes.

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