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Today, I traded emails with someone that basically went “You’re the best, no, you’re the best!”. I ran into a group of girls I love while working out and they were so giggly and fun. I was told that what I made for dinner was one of the best things to ever come out of our kitchen. My Mom told me how proud she is of me.

I feel this is worth mentioning because I think it’s important to recognize that sometimes, it feels really good to hear nice things. All too often, we go through our days hearing the criticisms, the periphery chatter of the rude and unkind, the reports that our world is basically going to hell in a hand basket. But the nice…the nice has power too. It can make us hold our heads up higher, make some of the tough stuff roll off our backs. If we’re especially aware, it can be something we pay forward.

Today, the nice meant the world to me and I really, really appreciate it. Cheers to a very nice weekend for you all and sharing the nice with all we come in contact with.

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