My New Political Mantra

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“If we disagree, let’s do so with kindness and respect. Let’s choose love in our actions and words every chance we get.”

Shauna Niequist

Shauna is one of my favorite writers and someone I have had the pleasure of running into over the years as we both lived in Grand Rapids and then moved to Chicago around the same time. She posted a comment last night on Facebook about a political figure that was simply positive, a nod to someone she thinks is cool.

It was met with a considerable shitstorm.

The person she was noting that she liked is not someone I enjoy, although I think this individual has amazing arms and a great stylist. But it never occurred to me to hate Shauna as a result or bring the whole of Christianity into the fold. I was appalled at the comments hurled Shauna’s way, not just for her but it made me really sad that people react with hate so easily. But it got me thinking about how I react to those whom I don’t know or respect so much. Might I also have unkind words and insults to hurl? Possibly. Probably. Totally not cool.

Kindness and respect. Choosing love in our actions and words. That is my new political mantra until November 6th.

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