My Favorite Moment of the Week

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I woke up early this morning. Auto-pilot nearly kicked it (get up, get coffee, go for a walk, do, do, do) but I resisted. A week is behind me; work has been done, tasks completed. Next week isn’t yet on the horizon; that’s what Sunday is for. In that moment, for those 20 minutes, I chose to lay in that lofty space where there was no immediate need, urgency or destination. I didn’t think about anything other than how good it felt. Window opened a crack, a bird chirping indicating that it wasn’t freezing out. Partner breathing deeply beside me; cat on his pillow. All is calm, all is bright, all is right, right here.

This little space of in between time on Saturday morning is my favorite moment of the week. And it happens every week. And I love it, I drink it in and then I begin the day.

Happy Saturday.

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