Monday Musings

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There is nothing better than an apple fritter on a Sunday morning while reading the paper, digital or otherwise.

I went to buy a baby gift today and was really annoyed about gender assumptions and “baby girl” and “baby boy” labels on each item. Girls can’t wear navy, Gap? Boys shun yellow? My goodness. Give infants freedom of color choice!!!


A family asked me for help/opinion to fill out their voter ballot at Pequod’s on Saturday night. We were of the same political party but still- weird, right? People bring ballots to get pizza?

I am obsessed with David’s Tea and because I wore green today, I got a free tea. Holiday win!

My mom informed me today that cake knives, like for your wedding, are a thing. Like a knife you buy specifically to cut your wedding cake with. Huh.

WHERE IS THAT PLANE?!? Seriously???

I used to love to bake and want to get back into it by taking a class, learning something new. Any suggestions for a baking class in Chicago?

The consequences of my gluten-filled weekend (aforementioned pizza, donut, etc) is killing me today. Not okay. Must stop.

Really- where is that plane?

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