Monday Monogram Love

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You meet one Dallas socialite and it’s all “omg, Courtney, I need your necklace.” And big hair. And bold personality. But mostly, that necklace.

I met the fab Courtney Kerr this summer and when we went to work out one day (Jesus, take the board), I noticed she rocked her CK necklace the whole class. Looking at her blog, she styles that monogrammed necklace with everything- dressed up, dressed down, layered, solo- and it turns out, it’s a part of the collection she designed for Bauble Bar. So in a fit of “Nina Loves Dallas”, I ordered my NG necklace, have been wearing it nonstop and gotten so many comments on it that I wanted to share this bit of lettered love. And it’s Monday so maybe you need a jeweled treat the way I do.

The other good news is that “Nina Loves Dallas” isn’t a thing but “Courtney Loves Dallas” is and it premieres on Bravo soon. Maybe I’ll learn about the big hair thing then.

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