Monday Mantra

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I am feeling super weird about a whole slew of things and after a 6 miler on the Lakefront this morning and long walk with Ry around our neighborhood this evening, this is my solution: hustle.

I am going to hustle my work skills, blow some deliverables out of the water and arrive at Friday feeling like I have flexed my creative muscles and generally been awesome. I am going to hustle my prioritizing skills in my personal life. I have found myself saying “I don’t have time for that” a lot lately when really what I mean is “It’s not a priority”. We all have time for the things we want to make time for; I am going to stand for creating time for things I have prioritized and get real (and make peace) with myself with the things that do not fall in that category.

And my physical hustle? Running. I am relishing my time pounding the pavement lately.

I find I am more successful when I go into things with a set intention so this week, I am all about the hustle. Let’s go Monday- I am coming for you.

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