Monday Brain Dump

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So, it snowed today. I was kinda into it. Cozy.

I know I am a million years late to this but dry shampoo?! Amazing. I had zero expectations of my hair after my massage at Exhale today but a few sprays of the dry shampoo in the changing room and my limp, aromatherapy oiled hair was back in the game.

I was at a seminar for work all. weekend. long. and I am exhausted today. Sitting for hours shouldn’t tire you but man. A 9pm bedtime sounds reasonable.

Why are people still talking about Miley Cyrus? Have we never seen child have a meltdown before?

Flywheel is my everything.

I want to get my mom a kitten for Christmas.

I have every outfit for every social function we are attending from now until December 30th planned, including a detailed a shopping list for dates that have “buy something new” under them. See aforementioned work seminar.

We went to the loveliest wedding reception recently, for the loveliest couple. I literally cannot wait for our wedding.

I also literally cannot wait for next weekend.

Happy Monday to all and to all a good night.

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