Mid-day History Lesson

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I adore the Gold Coast neighborhood north of Division. I go through it a lot- walking to North Ave and back is our favorite quick little jaunt.

I’ve passed this house a million times but on my lunchtime little walk today, I noticed a plaque that said 1239 N. Dearborn was where Ernest Hemingway and his wife Hadley lived shortly after they were married. Apparently, they lived on the 4th floor for 3 months before they moved to Paris, which was the massive tipping point in his career. I read “The Paris Wife” last summer which is all about Hemingway’s marriage to Hadley and part of what I loved about it (besides my obsession with 1920s Paris) was their courtship in Chicago. I can’t believe I never looked into where they lived!

All I wanted was to stretch my legs a little and what I got was a little history lesson. I love this city.

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