Love and Pie

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I am in Vancouver for work this week. In my downtime, I have practiced a ton of yoga, eaten a ton of sushi, drank a whole lot of kombucha and taken in what a non-flat city looks like (Chicago is soooo flat that the sight of mountains out of the office window made me audibly gasp. Kind of embarrassing, really.).

And then, there was pie.

A heart and pie. Raspberry Rhubarb to be exact.

Organic, local, you know- the buzz words that make a sometimes-occasional-hippie-wannabe like me feel good.

And it was delicious. So incredibly delicious.

While this trip has been really beneficial professionally, I am afraid that it will go down in history as the time I went to Canada and ate pie.

(disclaimer: I usually always reserve dessert for chocolate so saying this pie was unreal is really saying something. Pie love, c/o Aphrodite’s in Vancouver, BC.)

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