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I would love to have a drink with Fabio Viviani.

If this weather doesn’t shape up, it’s going to be a summer of inside picnics.

The mustache trend has driven me nuts- my Dad has rocked one for decades and he, like this puppy, know it’s not a trend- it’s a lifestyle.

We’re looking forward to the Old Town Art Fair this weekend- street festival season is on!

The only thing I might love more than snuggling is baby animals. This is both.

Years ago, happiness meant staying out til 3am and making questionable decisions; now, I am happy as a clam on Saturday night to cook a nice dinner and get a good night’s sleep so I can wake up early for a run or yoga- I agree that happiness changes as we get older.

Note to self: 1) get back to Paris ASAP and 2) practice being present with what’s now instead of planning what’s next.

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