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Cocktails and a great charcuterie board at on the terrace at NoMI– a lovely way to enjoy this extra bit of summer we’re having…and the view was pretty lovely as well.

I couldn’t agree more- the couple who sweats together, stays together.

I was late to get on the Downton Abbey train but man, I am on board now. Can’t wait for January 4th!

Top 3 things about fall: college football, spiked apple cider and cozy sweaters.

As someone who constantly is seated by screaming children on planes, I don’t appreciate the tone of this article…and I love the idea of a child-free section.

I really love gummi bears- thanks Buzzfeed for these 21 fun facts.

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  1. Holly H.

    I love the idea of a child-free sections on planes and restaurants and everywhere else. Parents don’t discipline their children anymore and usually you can walk away from a screaming child in public, but on an airplane the unruly-ness is inescapable. Just like smoking invades other people’s space, a child’s screams carry and disturb everyone else.

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