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spring flowers

Not only is today the first day of Spring but it’s also a solar eclipse and a super moon. Pretty cool.

I made this Brussels Sprout Salad last week and it was so good that it might end up on my table again this weekend. Added bonus: the hot mustard is amazing and you have tons left over.

Today at Mariano’s, I learned that it is the Festival of St. Joseph, the patron saint of family, and in celebration Zeppole is made. One filled with cannoli is in my fridge as we speak.

To balance my zeppole, I have all of the ingredients to whip up this Chia Pudding Parfait.

These 31 quotes from children’s books made me smile- so many lovely memories wrapped up in those words.

The Chicago Beer Festival is tomorrow at Union Station.

Also of interest- wine and an Citizen Cope acoustic session. Tonight until Tuesday at City Winery.

Happy Weekend, friends!

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