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(loving this new wall at YogaView)

The 10 coziest restaurants in Chicago – I love The Tortoise Club and Bavette’s for their cozy factor so this list is great. And perfectly timed for this arctic blast/polar vortex we are allegedly getting.

With Friendsgivings and the holidays upon us, it is most certainly time for big batch cocktails. The Hard Cider Sangria is likely happening very soon in our house.

Super interesting read: Why I Left My Job at Google. Living authentically trumps everything, I agree.

Also in the job realm, I could not agree more with Malcolm Gladwell’s article about what makes a great job. These factors have been at the top of my conversations and thoughts about career lately.

In a rookie mistake last year, I didn’t get my tickets for the Music Box Theatre’s showings of “It’s a Wonderful Life” before they sold out. Don’t be me and miss out- they’re on sale now.

In funniest texts you can get from your Dad news,How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you” came across my iPhone screen this morning. After laughing for a full minute, I went to this link…and laughed some more. Luna Bell is definitely plotting to kill us.


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  1. Corey

    In regards to the Google piece, this part hits home hardest:

    “When I reflected more, I realized that external recognition had unfortunately become a primary motivator for me. In fact, the need for recognition was still so engrained in me that I leaned on my start up as a crutch during my exit from Google. ‘I’m leaving to work on my start up idea.’ That was shorter and more palatable than ‘I’m taking time to slow down and better understand myself and what I want out of this life.’”

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