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I made this Fancy Bourbon Punch for a birthday party and it was such a hit because, well, bourbon and champagne. Thinking I will give it a seasonal twist with this tea next time.

It’s officially Fall as of yesterday so Pumpkin Spice Latte season…I am excited to make this healthier (and most certainly cheaper) version at home.

However, for those days when you aren’t watching your wallet, you can now get a $1000 ice cream sundae at The Langham. (I’ll stick with Jeni’s and the pineapple upside down cake ice cream!)

This Saturday, September 27th is Museum Day Live! at Smithsonian Museums which means free admission to a ton of museums, including the Adler Planetarium and the Chicago History Museum. I love museums and for living in a city with tons of great ones, I don’t go often enough. Register for free tickets here.

Speaking of museums, Friday night from 9-midnight is After Dark at the Art Institute- I have heard great things about the Magritte exhibit and exploring it with a glass of wine sounds amazing.

After reading this post about putting yourself on the Pride Board, I immediately emailed my best friend telling her what I put her on the pride board for and I have a list going on my office white board for me. It’s so important to acknowledge the good.

People that let themselves be seen inspire me and this post about forgiveness blew me away.

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