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My girl Megan is getting restaged today in her Stage 4 Hodgkins battle- if you have any prayers to offer up at 1pm, please do so!

“I panicked at the success and fell immediately.” Loved this post about wake boarding and the life metaphors that come with it.

Tomorrow morning at 8:30am, there will be a yoga class at Adler Planetarium. Cool, right??

This is the weekend we attempt pizza on the grill. Trusting this guide will get us there.

Mark your calendars- the Tortoise Club has $20 whiskey flights next week. I’ll take live jazz and a Manhattan flight, stat.

It’s time to put something on the walls in our bedroom- considering this print. Urban and abstract.

Updated because the internet is awesome today:

Under Armour nailed it with their new ad. Beautiful and strong and an incredible message for young women.

Now THIS is how you make an exit. I am such a sucker for mariachi bands and gospel choirs and group singing- well done, Elle Magazine and Mark Sebba.

Luna Bell never sits on my lap so when it happened this morning while I was working…it was about the best thing ever.

Peace, love, and mariachi bands,

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