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I love Lindsay Letters and her beautiful, inspiring prints…and her Christmas shop is on sale through the end of the month. The “Oh Holy Night” canvas will finally be mine!

Champagne, sailing and beautiful weather in store this weekend- A Shore Thing is the only thing that could get me to Navy Pier.

Sheffield Garden Walk is always my favorite summer fest and it has two stages this year!

Speaking of summer festivals, this is the time when I realize summer is half over and I have yet to make a picnic and head to Millennium Park. Time is ticking for the Grant Park Music Festival.

And on that picnic, I will bring this Summer Peach and Balsamic Pizza. Yum.

30 career moves to make by the time you are 30 from The Everygirl.

Sometimes I wish that someone could just bring me ice cream the second I want it. Today, Uber will do just that, 11-5pm in select cities, ice cream to your door.

Happy Friday!

(Mug via the Shauna Shop at Lindsay Letters)

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