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I love the song “Royals” and Florida State’s womens a cappella group nails it.

Jackie Kennedy’s iconic pink suit has been in hiding and will be for almost 100 more years. Interesting article about the strong, stylish First Lady.

Theo the Dog and Beau the Toddler are almost enough to make you want a baby, puppy and nap. Almost.

I cannot wait for Eataly to open.

I died laughing reading about this guy who live tweeted a breakup that was happening on his rooftop in Brooklyn. I sent it to my friend Renee and it turns out he is one of her best friends. Small world and holy cow, this guy is hilarious.

We are going to a Friendsgiving on Saturday so I am doing a test run of this pumpkin bread pudding to see if it makes the cut for next Thursday.

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