Le Creuset Hooray!

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I have been wanting one of these my entire adult life.

And yesterday, this baby blue Le Creuset Dutch oven came home with me, a gift from my (apparently) super thoughtful boyfriend.

To be clear- we are not “I was thinking of you so I bought you some high end cookware” kind of people. But Ryan said he wanted to do something nice for me and knows I have been wanting Le Creuset the entire time we have been dating so after nice chat about the value of the 4.5 quart vs the 5.5 quart with the salesman at Bloomingdales Home, the larger size won and this gateway to awesome, enjoyable cooking was ours.

Queso Fundido is going to be the first thing prepared in it, in a few hours when we host a Memorial Day BBQ. I am so much more excited about this than I should be…

Welcome to our kitchen, Little Blue!

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