Just a Chi Town Girl’s Favorite Things

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When making my lists for Christmas gifts, I can’t help but think of products that I have been loving all year. I am sure your dashboards and inboxes are full of gift guides but I want to share some things I adore and am so excited to give because I have loved them so much in my own home. So, back for the 3rd year, Just a Chi Town Girl’s Favorite Things!


JillyInk is a wildly talented Chicago writer and artist who has the most incredible handwriting. Wedding invites, stamps (I use the “N” she gave me for Christmas a few years back all the time), signage, tattoos…she designs it all in her signature script. I can’t wait to attach these JillyInk tags to my gifts this year- taking “sent with love” to a new (handmade!) level.


I bought this as a little luxe housewarming gift (for myself) when we moved into our apartment in February. Now on my 3rd one, I cannot live without Nest’s Moss and Mint diffuser– fresh, clean and delicious smelling without being overpowering or too perfumey. In other words, Ryan-approved (what is it about candles or good smelling things that boys cannot stand??).


The holiday season is one great excuse for celebration…and therefore bubbly! I am in love with these champagne flutes and their matching wine glasses. I received both as birthday gifts and cannot wait to pay it forward (drink it forward?) by giving more as gifts. The unique shape just ups the special factor, don’t you think?


Lipstick means an instantly put together face. Red lipstick? Upping the ante because let’s get real, life’s too short to not be bold. This NARS red is my absolute favorite but NARS Dolce Vita is my daily go-to for a little punch. You need something to get on that champagne flute, right?!?


It’s no secret, I am UB-sessed with Flywheel. I would rather be sweating it out with my fav instructors Michael & Antonia and all my Fly friends (Ashlee, I’m looking at you) than doing almost anything else. Giving the gift of health AND fun? Flywheel gift cards for everyone!

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