It’s a Flu Outbreak. Apparently.

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Last night: Me, schlepping to Whole Foods for more soup. A couple, struggling to take a photo of themselves in front of a hotel with pretty lights. Me, knowing how much i hate the long-armed, self-portrait, stopped to take one for them. I felt good about my deed until I got about half a shuffle away, felt my chills/fever/choking cough and realized touching those people’s camera was actually the biggest asshole move. This flu has me forgetting my germaphobic ways. Ugh. Sorry, folks…I really hope they washed their hands.

Apparently, this flu is not just a curse on my week thing, it’s a nationwide outbreak thing. So that’s something.

But with my apple/carrot/orange juice this morning and the 30 minutes I was able to sweat through in the stationary bike, I am feeling much better today. Cheers to a healthy weekend and all of the produce in my fridge waiting to be turned into more juice! It’s remarkable how much comes out of ginger root. And beet. Or carrots. But not parsley. Nothing comes out of parsley.

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