Iced to Meet You

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My love of David’s Tea is well documented and their tins of amazing tea, in large part, got me through this frigid winter. And now, it looks like David’s Tea is going to be my summer jam too. Ryan was in Lincoln Park and brought home a summer sampler (and a tin of Forever Nuts, my favorite) as a little Saturday treat and we took to making iced tea immediately. Iced Tropicalia, Iced Mint Julep, Iced Coconut Grove…all refreshingly delicious and I can’t wait to try the other 2.

Iced to meet you, indeed!

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  1. ChicagoRanter

    I haven’t tried DavidsTea yet, but if you’re into the specialty, loose-leaf stuff, Dill Pickle Co-Op has the best selection I’ve seen and I always have jars of custom mixed stuff in my pantry!

  2. ABP

    I love David’s Tea. I stop by there every time I have clients near Armitage and Halstead. My kitty was on their facebook caturday post two weeks ago as well. I’m a little addicted to Jungle Ju Ju.

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