Home, Settled, Grateful

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In the last 4 days, I have packed up an apartment, unpacked it, gone to the doctor, to the dentist, to Michigan to see my dear old grandma, to dinner with my parents…

And now, we are home.

Luna Bell loved the playground that was the moving boxes but now that we’re unpacked, she can’t get enough of her new views and window sills. Me? I’m just happy to be relatively settled in and grateful to have spent some really great time with my family. Home is Chicago but it’s also Ryan, my Mom, my Dad, my Step-Mom and Grandma. It’s really a blessing to sit with them, relive old stories, share a meal, catch up, laugh about family traits…like I said, I am really grateful for the gift that was those 24 hours.

Home, settled, grateful. Not too shabby.

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