Holiday Spirit: Elderly Door Decorating Edition

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Did someone say “competition”?

While leaving my dear old gran’s assisted living home in Michigan last weekend, I noticed a flier that said “Door Decorating Competition” with a promise of prizes for 1st and 2nd place. Decorating? Competition? Prizes? Oh, it’s on.

One trip to Big Lots (an awesome Michigan dollar store’esque place) and I was ready to decorate the hell out of my grandma’s door. The theme? North Pole Nights. I forgot string to hang the star ornaments to which my 95 year old grandma was solution read- “I have floss- use that.” Pure holiday genius.

The finished product door has caused quite the stir and since the “competition” isn’t for a few weeks, I hope that my grandma’s door glory gets other residents and their families into door decorating action. The more, the merrier is the saying, right?

I must say, however, that if she doesn’t win…I am asking for a recount. North Pole Nights 2012!


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