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I have no idea where this last week has gone! Nothing life changing happening over here just work travel that includes driving which means less time for blogging and other internet related activities. Sigh. How about a catch-up related version of link love today?

I set a co-worker of Ryan’s (who also happens to be a good friend of ours) up with a friend’s sister this winter and now they’re totally in love and having a blast all over town. So I go to meet up with Ryan at a work event last night and, apparently, I am now the Holy Grail of dating. “Do you have a girl for me?”, “When are you going to set me up?”, “I like nice dinners– do you have a foodie friend I could take out?”…it was hilarious. And unfortunate because I think I just lucked out that one time. I hear the kids are into Tinder these days, maybe try that?

My reward for being the most popular wife in the office was wine and bruschetta at Enolo Wine Bar. The wine poached salmon was out of this world and the kale salad with poached egg was awesome.

Back from a week on the road, I cleaned this morning…and found this list of how often you should clean certain things in your house and now all I want to do is clean all of the things.

So this guy bought 23 pies to spite a small child. Hell yes and high five.

A friend came over for lunch today and so generously brought me a Diptyque candle and 2 Stan’s Donuts. “Fancy Candles & Donuts” should be the name of my memoir- I love both so much.

We have an event tomorrow evening but other than that, Ryan and I are committing to eating every meal at home this weekend (something we have NOT been doing). I can’t tell you how great it felt to pull a fresh loaf of bread from the oven this morning and make fresh salsa from the Farmer’s Market I went to in MI.

Happy Weekend, friends!

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